Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ingrown hair on testicle?

ok like i remember i was bored and shaved my right nut haha

so like now theres a little white bump on it

its red but white at the tip like a pimple

it dont hurt and i forgot about it for like 3 months now i saw it and im curious again

like idk i squeezed along time ago and like barely any puss came out

but like it only on not alot its a single lol

so like yeah i haven had sex so yeah im15 lol

what is this?

Ingrown hair on testicle?

ah mate if it is a ingrown hair, get the tweezers and pull the hair out!!! If you are not sure see a doctor because things like that you can never be too sure.

Ingrown hair on testicle?

it might be razor burn...... why the hell would you shave your nut when your bored?

Ingrown hair on testicle?

Sounds like an ingrown hair to me. Many people mistake them for Genital Warts because its a bump. If you havent had sex though its probably a hair or razor burn.

Some more info on Std's for when you do have sex.

Ingrown hair on testicle?

I just wanted to say that the way you explained it had my ROTFLMAO. Don't worry, alot of times, if you have an ingrown hair, it will probably get worse until you remove it with a tweezer or a pin needle. Remeber to disenfect the area with rubbing alcohol.

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