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What can I do to eliminate ingrown hair?

I wax my bikini line and everytime i do I get ingrown hair. It looks so ugly!! I dont know why! could it be the wax that I use or the technique of the way the strip is pulled?

Please, bikini season is coming and I need help!

What can I do to eliminate ingrown hair?

When u get the wax done try and take steam so that the pores get open and the hair which is gworing in there gets room to breath in freely and thus making it easy for the hair to grow out easily. If u can't take steam then boil some water and soak a towel in it wring it off the water and place it on the waxed area for 3-4 days if u can manage else atleast for 2 days do this. Also the moment u get ur wax done apply some moisturiser immediately or a skin cream which keeps the area soft and thus allowing the hair new growth to be easy.

Hope this helps.

What can I do to eliminate ingrown hair?

Treat with active ingredients

There are several products that claim to help treat ingrown hairs, but the reality is that Salicylic acid is the one active substance that can visibly improve razor bumps. It is a dermatological-grade ingredient that exfoliates, moisturizes, clears pores and can help prevent infection.

Use a post-shave product with salicylic acid so it remains on your skin the whole day (see below).

Use only a non-acnegenic shaving cream specially formulated for sensitive skin, with lots of lubricating agents (foam-based shaving creams can dry and irritate your skin).

Do not use any product that has alcohol, it will seriously worsen ingrown hairs by drying the skin and closing the pores.

Improve your skin's surface

Exfoliating (removing the upper layers of dead skin) is indispensable to manage ingrown hairs. Daily use of a gentle face scrub with glycolic and salicylic acid is particularly effective.

Use a soft-bristle face brush and liquid cleanser in a circular motion on your beard to dislodge the tips of ingrown hairs, eliminate dead skin cells and clear follicles to allow hairs to surface unimpeded.

3. Adjust your shaving technique

Shaving too closely is one of the triggers for razor bumps. Hair stubs cut too closely will get trapped inside the hair follicle and dig inward or sideways. Don't worry, the disappearance of unsightly ingrown hairs will more than make up for the "five-o'clock shadow" appearance.

To avoid shaving too close, don't pull the skin when you shave; don't put too much pressure on the blades; shave with the grain and use a single-blade razor.

You will need to maintain this approach over time, as one extra-close shave will be enough to cause a recurrence of ingrown hairs that will take weeks to heal.

4. Treat already ingrown hairs

Carefully lift the ingrown end out with tweezers, but don't pluck the hair out; this will only make the hair regrow deeper.

Using products that contain azulene, allantoin and witch hazel will help reduce the redness and swelling.

What can I do to eliminate ingrown hair?

I've never waxed myself before but I'll take a swing at this question:

Guys, have the same problem when shaving their beards, moustache, or *ahem* other areas. This is due to them shaving against where the hairs point to (ie: the hair points down, the guy shaves up). This increases the chances of hair follicles to regrow against the skin (i wish we could post pictures to explain it better).

Now I'm guessing when you pull the waxy paper, your pulling it against the direction of the hairs. Pull with the hairs and that might decrease the chances of ingrown hair.

Also, Nair can be another way to remove hairs. It doesn't hurt like hot wax and its easier to apply.

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